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Reading Hall  » Toefl Writing Practice - 3 / Topic 1

     Mr Taoxingzhi, the most famous educator in China, once said: the biggest misfortune in one’s life is that one does not receive a university education. Needless to say, a university degree often helps a person achieve his goal with more ease. However, do we attend a university just in pursuit of a degree? Does a university only provide us nothing beneficial besides a paper-made diploma? 

     As far as I am concerned, we enjoy a university education in the following aspects which attributes us to a university education: 

     Firstly, with the knowledge learned in a university, we will have a deep understanding of our society. It is true that genuine knowledge comes from practice, but it cannot be denied that genuine knowledge, tells us how to practice. A thorough study in a college or university, of course, enables us to realise how the society works and how to cope with certain problems arising from it in a more efficiently, more skilful way. 

     Second, a university education usually makes it possible that we acquire a decent job. Because of the accomplishment of a four-year study, it is not difficult for us to find a good job in most cases. 

     How can we imagine that a graduate majoring in astronomy has to be a vendor in the street! 

     Undoubtfully, he/she should sit in his/her laboratory, making research on aircraft on a computer. Obviously, a university education assures him/her a decent job. 

     Last, but not least, we can help others much better if putting what we learn in a university into use. A university education corrects our values, enhance our skills, and broaden our horizons. 

     With those, we are more capable of giving a hand to those who are in need of help than before. 

     “Knowledge is power”. When achieving a degree in a university, we can get a better understanding of the society, find a decent job in an easy way, and help others better. All of those are due to the knowledge learned in a university. 

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