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Reading Hall  » Toefl Writing Practice - 9 / Topic 1

     1 People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? 

     Nowadays, more and more young people attend universities for different reasons. According to the survey, the main goal of what most of them do so is for career preparation. 

     There are many reasons to demonstrate it. The most primary reason is that is that university is the most suitable spot to absorb knowledge, which mostly determines your career development. 

     With the development of the society, "knowledge is power" has been a rule: the more knowledge one possesses, the more easily he succeeds in his career. For instance, it is often reported that MBA graduates in famous universities, such as Harvard, will acquire high start payment when the companies employ them for the first time. After several works, abundant working experience and solid knowledge base will make them further develop in the manager class. 

     Another reason is that universities will provide one with not only knowledge but also many other abilities, including communication ability, corporation ability, and independency ability etc, which are beneficial to a future career. At the same time, he can make friends with his schoolmates and deals with all kinds of people, who often become his colleagues or business partner in the future. 

     Furthermore, in this way, his view will be widened and abilities will be improved. When he goes off the campus, he always has stronger competition ability than those who do not go to the universities. 

     Last but not the least one is that in contrast, history illustrates that people refused by the universities have few opportunities to succeed in their career development. Because of their low educational level, most companies would rather employ them as physical workers than mental workers. in this way, the development of technology and science will fall them into disuse. Such as in many manufacturing factories now, there are automatic machines as a substitute for workers. 

     In a word, of many reasons for people to go to universities, career preparation has been the most primary. When education background becomes more important in career development, it will attract more people to do so for a long period. 

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